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The Nokia N810 Wimax Edition - What is it?

Yes, we're back! If you've been following the internet tablet world you may have heard that Nokia is bringing out a tablet called the "N810 Wimax Edition", and here's our guide to what you need to know about it:

Is the N810 Wimax Edition a new internet tablet?

No, not really. It's just an ordinary N810 with a special chip added to allow it to use Wimax.

What the heck is Wimax?

It's like Wi-Fi, but with a longer range. It lets you access the internet at high speed wirelessly.

At the moment it's mostly used by businesses but some companies are talking about setting up public Wimax networks which you could subscribe to.

So far though, only a handful of American cities will receive these kinds of services, and the N810 Wimax Edition will only be on sale in those cities.

Who should buy the N810 Wimax Edition?

Only people who will be within range of a compatible Wimax network, which is a very small number of people at the moment.

When is it coming out?