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Nokia N800 & N810: Take notes and doodle with Xournal

Xournal for the N800 and N810

Xournal is a very useful and fun application for OS2008, the operating system run by the N800 and N810 internet tablets.

Its basic idea is very simple: it simulates having pads of paper, pencils, coloured pens, highlighters and rulers. This means you can write and draw on virtual bits of paper just like you would do in real life.

At this point many of you may be screaming at the monitor: "Why don't you just use real paper and real pens you idiot?" That's a fair point, but there are two main advantages that Xournal has over the real thing:

- You can write, draw and highlight in lots of different colours, on any colour or pattern paper you want, without having to carry a bag full of materials with you. It's like having a stationery shop in your pocket.

- You can save your work and refer to it later, or even turn it into a PDF file which can be e-mailed to other people and viewed on other devices such as your PC.

In any case, Xournal is…