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More about the Nokia N800

The Nokia N800 was introduced in early 2007 as a replacement for the Nokia 770. It had a much faster processor, double the amount of RAM, and many other significant improvements such as a built-in camera for video calls, built-in stereo speakers, two SD-sized memory card slots and a built-in stand. It also had what many people considered to be a more attractive curvy steel-and-plastic casing. To put the icing on the cake, Nokia took the internet tablet range within its Nseries sub-brand, usually reserved for its high end expensive smartphones.

The N800 also had a new operating system, Internet Tablet OS 2007, which replaced the 770's OS 2006. There was no version of OS 2007 available for the 770, and software written for the 770 would not work on the N800. 770 owners, many of whom had only just bought their tablets in late 2006, felt abandoned by Nokia as the support for their tablet disappeared.

In late 2007, Nokia announced the N810, which was nominally the replacement for the N…