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Nokia N800 & N810: How to connect to a computer using the USB cable

The Nokia N800 and N810 internet tablets can be attached to a Windows, Linux or Macintosh computer using a USB cable. In normal mode this lets you transfer files to and from the tablet's memory card (or memory cards if you have more than one). You can also use the same cable to update the tablet's firmware when it is in update mode.

Unlike Nokia's phones, the tablets do not have a PC Suite mode. They will not work with Nokia PC Suite at all.

How to transfer files onto and off the tablet's memory card or cards using the USB cable

The main thing to bear in mind about this process is that the computer never actually accesses the tablet itself. All it does is access the tablet's memory card or cards.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you can transfer absolutely any kind of file on and off the card or cards: music, video, text, anything at all. Not all file types will work on the tablet, but all file types can be placed on the tablet's memory card or cards.


Nokia N800 & N810: How to use the built-in help

The N800 and N810 contain a large number of built-in step-by-step tutorials and a complete user guide, but a lot of tablet owners seem to be unaware of their presence.

Here's how to find and access them.

How to browse through all the built-in help files

Very very simple, just click on the Applications icon (the green squares on the left) and then click on help. You'll then see a long list of all the topics covered by the tutorials. Double-click on the topic you want to know more about, then click on the specific tutorial you want to read.

When you've finished reading a tutorial, just click on the X in the top right hand corner to close it.

How to get help for the feature you're currently using

Again, easy-peasy. Just click on the menu for the application you're currently running (this will be a grey bar at the top of the screen). One of the options will be Help, just click on it.

Applications runs separately from their help files, so you can close a tutorial withou…

Nokia N800 & N810: How to turn your internet tablet into a "PADD" from Star Trek

If you're a fan of the TV and film series Star Trek, you may be familiar with the "PADD" portable computer tablet that many of the characters used.

Well, if you install an unofficial theme pack called "LCARS", you can turn your internet tablet into something that still works just like an internet tablet, but which looks and sounds like a PADD from Star Trek.

How to install LCARS on your N800 or N810

The installation process is very simple:

1. Click on the Globe in the top left hand corner, open a new browser window, and go to this address: This is the official website for installing Maemo applications, and Maemo is the software platform used by Nokia's internet tablets. Incidentally, is sometimes a very slow site even when you access it on a desktop computer. If it's too slow when you visit, try going back later.

2. On the Categories section on the right of the screen, click on "Desktop Environment".

3. Scr…