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Canola and the future of the Nokia tablets

Normally the Internet Tablet School refrains from any kind of editorial position, we're usually just trying to help people get the most from their internet tablets. However, the following article is an exception.

We now feel that the time has come for Nokia to abandon the current graphical interface used by the tablets, and replace it with something simpler, more streamlined and intuitive. It should be something that even a non-technical person could use without any prior knowledge, and without having to consult any instructions.

There's a wonderful interface already available on the tablets which is up to this task, but so far Nokia don't seem to want to use it. It's called Canola.

How the tablets got their current interface

The Nokia internet tablets currently use a graphical interface called Hildon, which was first developed for their 7700 and 7710 smartphones way back in 2004. The latest version of Hildon is to be found in OS2008 on the N800 and N810, and it still …