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Nokia N800 & N810: Word processing with Notes and Google Documents

Word Processing on the Nokia N800 & N810

There are two main ways to do word processing on the internet tablets: using a word processing application installed on the tablet, or using a word processing application hosted on a website.

This tutorial will look at the two easiest options: the built-in Notes application, and the online application Google Documents.

Some general hints on entering text on the N800 and N810

- You can enter text on the tablets using their on-screen keyboards (a small one for styluses, a big one for fingers), or the built-in physical keyboard of the N810, or using a wireless Bluetooth full-size keyboard. The best option for large amounts of typing is a Bluetooth keyboard as it has proper full-size keys. Click here to read our tutorial on using Bluetooth keyboards with tablets.

- You can activate the large on-screen keyboard by clicking on the text entry area and then pressing the button in the middle of the direction pad.

- Whatever application or text entry…

The Internet Tablet School Companion

Since the Internet Tablet School launched last year, it's had an ever-growing audience and it seems that many people appreciate a tablet site aimed at beginners.

As a bit of an experiment, we've done something new: a book (just a short one though).

A portion of the cover price goes towards keeping the Tablet School going. If you want to show appreciation for what we've been doing, then click on our bookshop link below and buy a copy! :-)

The book is called The Internet Tablet School Companion, and it's been designed to complement the Tablet School website by providing tablet-related reference material which beginners can understand. The idea of the book is that you can look at it while using the site's tutorials or visiting other tablet sites. Most of the book is devoted to a Glossary section which lets you translate any weird tablet-related words you can't understand into plain English. The book also has some features discussing the past and future of the tabl…

Do you use the built-in memory card on the N810? If so, read this.

The N810 built-in memory card bug

There have been several reports of a bug on the Nokia N810's built-in 2 gigabyte memory card. If you use the built-in memory card, you may want to read this post as it will tell you how to fix the bug.

It's very easy to fix, so don't panic.

What is the bug? What problems can it cause?

The built-in memory card on some N810s was incorrectly formatted at the factory. This may cause files stored on the card to become corrupted, which means you wouldn't be able to open them. If your N810's built-in card has this bug, even if it works fine now, it may run into problems later on. For this reason, it's a good idea to fix this bug now before those problems happen in the future.

Does Nokia know about this? Have they fixed it?

Yes, Nokia now knows about it, they've documented it on their official bug-reporting website. They have presumably fixed the formatting process in their N810 factory, but there is nothing they can do about N810s…