More about the Nokia N800

Personally I like Nokia products and it doesn’t matter whether it is a cell phone or a tablet. Currently I own Nokia N800 and would like to say a bit about it.

In 2007 Nokia N800 was introduced as a replacement for Nokia 770 version, which was one of the first tablets ever. It had a large variety of new and improved features such as:

processor, which was faster than ever
doubled the amount of RAM
additional improvements such as a built-in camera for video calls
built-in stereo speakers
2 x SD-sized memory card slots
a built-in stand, which I use every day

Nokia N800 started to win buyers attention – it was nice looking with its attractive curvy steel-and-plastic casing. And to round everything up, it was added to N-series and if you are a Nokia fan, you know what difference it makes.

But let’s talk more about improvements of N800 compared to Nokia 770. It had a totally new operating system (Internet Tablet OS 2007), which replaced the 770's OS 2006. But all these improvements didn’t make this tablet perfect. In late 2007, Nokia introduced a new N810. This new tablet was the replacement for the N800.

The new version offered improvements of the operating system, new OS 2008 was released, and a built-in keyboard and GPS receiver, which sounded like an insane thing back then.

The N800 even has some of its own hardware advantages to counter the N810's keyboard and GPS. Nokia N800 has two fully functional memory card slots and the N800 has a built-in FM radio receiver.

All in all, the N800 was one of the first good tablets, which I got to use and I pride myself upon it.

Technical Specifications of Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Year of Launch: Early 2007

Weight: 206g

Battery Life: 3.5 hours working time and 13 days standby

Wireless: Internet access through Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), internet access through Bluetooth-compatible mobile phones supporting DUN profile

Camera: 352x288 pixels in video mode

Screen: 800x480 pixels, 65 thousand colours

Storage: 256 megabytes built-in, two SDHC memory card slots. SDHC slot compatible with SD, miniSD, microSD, MMC and RS-MMC card sizes.

128 megabytes of RAM

400mhz or 330mhz processor

Supports OS 2007 or OS 2008

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